Top 3 Prop Firms for Expert Advisors (EA) Trading

What is an Expert Advisor (EA)?

Expert Advisors are a collection of algorithms that can trade on their own. Often known as forex robots, they are popular tools for traders who seek to reduce the impact of psychology on their trading. They may do anything from providing you with a trading signal to automatically placing and managing the trade for you.

One of the most common trading strategies for prop traders is to use an Expert Advisor. However, not all prop firms permit the usage of EAs, but many do. FundYourFX, The 5%ers, and FundedNext are the top 3 prop firms that allow the usage of EAs.


However, expert advisors are not money-making robots that operate on their own, and there are a number of crucial considerations to take into account when selecting an expert advisor to use. Later on in the piece, we will go into further depth about that topic.

The majority of the prop firms that support EAs have regulations that are quite comparable to one another. It is acceptable to use EAs and indicators. This covers things like risk management tools, auto trading bots, and trade copying software.


We ranked them first on the list due to their flexible trading rules. You can’t rely just on EAs. With EAs, you are more likely to apply other supporting strategies. You can hold trades overnight and on weekends, you can trade news, and hedge positions. Ultimately, they provide their traders more flexibility, allowing them to trade at any time of day using any trading strategy or trading style. This is why they are ranked first. There are additional reasons why they are a better choice, which you will discover when you read about the other prop firms on our list.

The 5%ers

You may be wondering why The 5%ers are ranked second given they, like FundYourFX, accept EAs and have flexible trading rules.  This is because they have much lower leverage, 1:6 compared to 1:100 in FundYourFX. Furthermore, the drawdown is only 6% against 10% with FundYourFX.

As previously said, you cannot rely just on EA and must also consider other aspects to support your trading strategy. As a result, we think it’s great that they allow EAs and have flexible trading rules, but our main complaint is the low leverage and drawdown. Another item to consider is the joining fee, which we explored in-depth in another post titled “How to Get Instant Funding for Forex?”. In short, the fee is cheaper in FundYourFX and you also get a bigger capital.


FundedNext is ranked third on the list because, in order to trade with them, you must first complete a challenge. After passing their challenge, you may begin trading with them and using EAs. The second reason is that they can only trade one hedge position at a time. The third reason is their drawdown, which is 5%. It is lower than The 5%ers and significantly lower than FundYourFX’s 10%. However, their leverage is the same as FundYourFX’s at 1:100.

In Conclusion

If using EAs is an important part of your trading strategy, you should pick the best prop firm to enhance it. And for that reason, we recommend FundYourFX. As an added bonus, you are allowed to copy trades from others and do tick scalping. You are also able to perform latency, reverse, and hedge arbitrage. And lastly, you can use emulators. As a note to remember, you can use them as long as it sticks to the rules. These are not allowed in The 5%ers, FundedNext, and most prop firms. This is why we feel their trading rules are very flexible. Probably the best in the industry.



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