Introduces Account Customization Options has announced new account customization options, enhancing flexibility for traders across all account types.

Key Customization Features:

  • Increased Drawdown Limits: An additional +2% to the maximum drawdown for 1-Phase, 2-Phase, and 3-Phase challenges.
  • Enhanced Profit Splits: A +10% increase in profit splits, now offering:
    • 80% for Instant Funding accounts
    • 90% for 1-Phase, 2-Phase, and 3-Phase challenges
  • Faster Payouts: The first payout is now available in 5 days instead of 14 days, with subsequent weekly payouts for all account types.

Platform and Account Types

Platforms Offered:

  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
  • cTrader
  • DXTrade

Account Types:

  • Smart(Swing): Designed for swing traders with flexible trading conditions.
  • Smart: Standard account type offering competitive features and conditions.

Benefits for Traders

Increased Flexibility:
The +2% drawdown enhancement allows traders to manage risk more effectively across all challenge phases. This additional buffer can significantly impact trading strategies and outcomes.

Higher Profit Retention:
The +10% increase in profit splits ensures that traders can retain a larger portion of their earnings, making their trading efforts more rewarding. This applies to all account types, aligning with the needs of diverse trading styles and objectives.

Accelerated Payout Schedule:
The new payout structure provides traders with quicker access to their earnings. The initial payout is available within 5 days, followed by weekly payouts, improving cash flow and financial planning for traders.

Overview of Instant Funding

Instant Funding offers various trading challenges designed to evaluate and enhance trading skills. The firm is known for its commitment to providing flexible and trader-friendly conditions.

Account Types:

  • Instant Funding: Immediate access to live accounts with up to 80% profit split.
  • 1-Phase Challenge: A straightforward challenge with up to 90% profit split.
  • 2-Phase Challenge: A more comprehensive evaluation, also offering up to 90% profit split.
  • 3-Phase Challenge: The most extensive challenge, with up to 90% profit split.

Looking Ahead

Instant Funding’s introduction of account customization options marks a significant enhancement in their offerings, providing traders with improved flexibility, higher profit retention, and quicker access to earnings. For more information on these new features and to explore trading opportunities with Instant Funding, visit their website.

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