TradingView The Leap: A Unique Paper Trading Competition

The Leap: A 30-Day Challenge to Win Big

TradingView has unveiled an exciting opportunity for traders of all levels with “The Leap“, a paper trading competition that offers a risk-free chance to win cash prizes totaling $21,000. Over the course of 30 days, traders will battle it out in a simulated trading environment, aiming to top the leaderboard and secure one of the coveted top 5 positions. The rewards are substantial, with the first-place winner taking home $10,000, followed by prizes of $5,000, $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 for the runners-up. Additionally, any participant ending the competition in profit will receive a complimentary month of TradingView premium services.

Participation and Registration

To participate in the competition, it is required that you have an active paid plan with TradingView. Please note that as per their Terms and Conditions, the competition is exclusively open to users who have purchased a paid plan at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the competition.

As of now, a staggering 81,694 traders have thrown their hats into the ring, signaling a highly competitive and engaging contest ahead. Potential contestants have until March 15, 2024, to register for “The Leap”. The competition itself runs from March 1 to March 31, offering a perfect blend of challenge and opportunity for traders to showcase their skills.

Competition Mechanics

Participants will commence the competition with $250,000 in virtual money in their special Paper Trading accounts. To ensure fairness and simplicity, trading is limited to four significant assets: the EURUSD currency pair, the S&P 500 stock index, Bitcoin, and Gold. This selection spans the most popular markets – stocks, crypto, and forex – allowing traders to apply and showcase their strategies across diverse asset classes.

Rewards for Profitable Trading

Aside from the main cash prizes, TradingView is incentivizing profitable trading by offering a free month’s subscription to their existing plan for participants who achieve at least a 1% profit by the competition’s end. This gesture not only rewards success but encourages traders to engage with the platform’s extensive tools and resources.

Paper Trading: A Risk-Free Learning Environment

For those new to the concept, paper trading is a simulated trading process where participants can practice buying and selling assets without risking real money. It’s an invaluable tool for beginners to learn the ropes and for experienced traders to test new strategies. TradingView’s paper trading engine offers a realistic and immersive trading experience, making “The Leap” not just a competition but a learning opportunity as well.

Why “The Leap” Matters

TradingView’s “The Leap” competition is more than just a contest; it’s a global platform for traders to learn, practice, and compete. It democratizes trading education by providing a risk-free environment where participants can hone their skills using virtual money. With a staggering 81,694 traders already registered, the event underscores the growing interest in financial markets and the appeal of practical, hands-on learning.

Entry and Participation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Joining “The Leap” is straightforward. Registrations are open until March 15, 2024, with the competition running from March 1 to March 31. Participants start with $250,000 in virtual money in their special Paper Trading account for the contest. The aim is to achieve the highest profits by trading only four allowed assets: the EURUSD currency pair, the S&P 500 stock index, Bitcoin, and Gold. This selection ensures that all popular markets – stocks, crypto, and forex – are represented, leveling the playing field for all competitors.

Rewards for Profitable Trading

The allure of “The Leap” is not just in the competition but in the rewards. The top 5 winners will receive cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Moreover, every participant who ends the competition with their account in profit, earning at least 1% in profits, will be rewarded with a coupon unlocking a free month for their existing TradingView plan. This gesture not only incentivizes participation but also rewards learning and improvement, regardless of whether one tops the leaderboard.

The Significance of Paper Trading

Paper trading is an essential tool in a trader’s learning curve, allowing for risk-free practice without the need for real money or a brokerage account. TradingView’s paper trading engine offers a simulated trading environment that mirrors real market conditions. Participants can experiment with strategies, get familiar with market dynamics, and build confidence without the anxiety of potential losses. “The Leap” makes this educational tool central to its competition, encouraging traders to refine their skills in a competitive yet educational setting.

Paper Trading — main functionality

A Leap Towards Trading Excellence

TradingView’s “The Leap” is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of learning and community. It offers a unique blend of competition, education, and the chance to join a global community of traders. Whether you’re a novice looking to get your feet wet or an experienced trader polishing your strategies, “The Leap” provides a valuable platform to test, learn, and potentially win big – all without any financial risk.

As the registration deadline nears, traders around the world are gearing up to take “The Leap.” With detailed terms and conditions available for participants, the stage is set for a thrilling contest that promises to be as educational as it is exciting.

4 Replies to “TradingView The Leap: A Unique Paper Trading Competition”

  • Avatar
    Kiana Monadi says:

    Is this competition happens every year or it’s just this year only?

    • FundedTrading
      FundedTrading says:

      We don’t know yet. But with almost 100K (92K as of now) traders joining, it could be something that they do yearly for their subscribers.

  • Avatar
    Eirik Kaasa Eliassen says:

    Thanks for informative story. What I don’t get is how the traders on the leaderboard have been able to build so large profits in such a short amount of time without using leverage. The competition uses only 1:1. Do you have any thougths?

    • FundedTrading
      FundedTrading says:

      “The preset balance size for the Paper Trading Competition Account is 250,000 virtual US dollars. ”
      Starting with a large virtual balance, like $250,000, even small percentage gains can add up to big profits. It’s all about capitalizing on market volatility. In a paper trading competition with 1:1 leverage, traders have to rely solely on market movements and their trading skills to earn profits. Every successful trade shows how good they are at understanding the market.

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