• High profit-sharing
  • Up to $10M scaling
  • No time limit
  • Instant funding
  • Weekend holding, News trading, & EA allowed
  • 10% profit made during challenge
  • No consistency rule
  • Fairly New
  • No weekend holding for Base Camp

Alpine Funded, a new player in the prop trading market, offers aspiring traders access to capital through two primary methods: instant funding and a challenge-based account structure. This review will examine the specifics of both options, with a particular focus on Base Camp, their instant funding program, and The Peak achievable through a challenge.

The firm also supports traders’ growth with an upgrade path from Base Camp to The Peak funded account for consistent performers. Alpine Funded fosters a strong community through its Discord channel and partners with reputable platforms such as cTrader and Purple Trading to ensure a secure trading environment. This review will delve into these features, assessing Alpine Funded’s overall value and performance for traders.

Alpine Funded

About Alpine Funded

Alpine Funded, a Swiss-based proprietary trading firm founded by Marco Hess and Alessandro Ciccone, offers aspiring traders the opportunity to start trading without initial capital. Marco, a forex trader since 2019, and Alessandro, a crypto trader since 2020, bring extensive market knowledge and innovative strategies to the firm. Their goal is to empower traders with financial backing and minimal restrictions, fostering an environment where traders can confidently pursue their unique strategies and achieve financial success.

Funding Program Options

Alpine Funded offers aspiring traders two primary routes to access capital: Base Camp Instant Funding and the Peak Funded Account, achieved through a two-step challenge system. Let’s explore the specifics of each option:

1. Base Camp Instant Funding:

The Base Camp – Alpine Funded

Designed for traders seeking a swift path to funded status, Base Camp offers instant capital without an evaluation process. This section details the program’s key features:

  • No Evaluation: Begin trading immediately.
  • Profit Share: Up to 80% of profits go to the trader.
  • Leverage: 1:100 leverage.
  • No Stop Loss Requirement: Manage risk as you see fit.
  • Daily/Total Loss Limits: 4% daily and 8% total drawdown limits ensure responsible trading.
  • Benefits:
    • Upgrade path to Peak Account with superior conditions.
    • Unlimited trading days.
    • Fast and reliable payouts.
    • Access to a supportive community.
The Base Camp benefit Alpine Funded 1

2. Peak Funded Account:

The Peak – Alpine Funded

For seasoned traders seeking a deeper commitment and potentially higher rewards, Alpine Funded offers the Peak Funded Account. This section details the two-phase challenge system:

  • Challenge Phases: Two phases test your trading skills and discipline.
  • Profit Targets: Achieve an 8% profit in Phase 1 and a 5% profit in Phase 2.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Trade for at least 5 days across both phases.
  • Leverage: Utilize 1:100 leverage.
  • Weekend Trading: Keep positions open over weekends.
  • Refundable Fee: Challenge fees are refunded once you become a funded trader.
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 90% profit share.
    • Access to weekend trading.
    • Unlimited trading days.
    • Fast and reliable payouts.
    • Potential for account scaling up to $2 million.
The Peak benefit Alpine Funded 1

Alpine Funded caters to both new and experienced traders. Base Camp offers a low-barrier entry point, while the Peak program unlocks access to higher capital and profit share for those willing to demonstrate their skills.


Before embarking on your trading journey with Alpine Funded, it’s important to understand their fee structure. Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with both Base Camp Instant Funding and the Peak Funded Account:

1. Base Camp Instant Funding Fees

The fees for Base Camp Instant Funding vary based on the account size:

  • $10K: $199
  • $25K: $299
  • $50K: $399
  • $100K: $699
  • $200K: $1199

2. Peak Funded Account Fees

The Peak Funded Account offers a refundable fee structure, which is returned once you become a funded trader. The fees are as follows:

  • $10K: $69
  • $25K: $159
  • $50K: $269
  • $100K: $449
  • $200K: $899

Traders can also upgrade from Base Camp Instant Funding to the Peak Account, which offers enhanced trading conditions and opportunities. Alpine Funded provides clear and structured fees for both the Base Camp and Peak Funded Account options. The Base Camp fees reflect a straightforward approach, while the Peak account includes the potential for a refund, adding an incentive for traders to succeed. Further details on upgrading from instant funding to the Peak account will be discussed later.

Tradable Assets

This section explores the tradable assets, leverage options, and key trading conditions for both Base Camp Instant Funding and Peak Funded Accounts at Alpine Funded.

Tradable Assets:

Both programs offer a diverse range of tradable instruments, including:

  • Forex: Trade various global currency pairs.
  • Commodities: Engage with popular commodities like gold and oil.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Access popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Indices: Speculate on different market sectors with various indices.

This variety allows traders to exploit diverse market opportunities and implement a wide range of trading strategies.


Alpine Funded offers leverage of up to 1:100 on all tradable assets. This can significantly amplify returns, but it also magnifies potential losses. Traders should exercise caution when using leverage.


  • Base Camp: Stacking (holding multiple positions in the same instrument) is only allowed under specific circumstances. You can have a maximum of two open positions for the same instrument moving in the same direction. Breaches of this rule can lead to account termination.
  • Peak Challenge/Funded Accounts: Stacking is permitted without restrictions.

Trading Volume:

There are no maximum trading volume limits on either program. Traders have the flexibility to execute as many trades as desired, enabling them to fully exploit their strategies and potentially maximize their returns.

Trading Conditions:

  • Base Camp: Requires maintaining lot size consistency (average trade size within a specific range) and profit consistency (no single trade contributes more than 50% to total profit). These rules promote disciplined trading and effective risk management.
  • Peak Challenge/Funded Accounts: No requirements for lot size or profit consistency, offering greater flexibility for managing and executing trades during both challenge and funded phases.

Stop Loss:

Alpine Funded does not mandate stop losses. Traders have the freedom to manage risk according to their individual strategies and risk tolerance. This allows them to tailor their trading approach and decide whether or not to utilize stop losses.

Alpine Funded empowers traders with a diverse asset selection, high leverage, and the freedom to execute their strategies without volume limits. Peak Funded Accounts offer even greater control over risk management and execution through flexible position stacking and relaxed trading requirements.

Alpine Funded benefit


Alpine Funded offers two primary routes to access trading capital:

  • Base Camp Instant Funding: Provides immediate funding with no evaluation process. (details below)
  • The Peak 2-Step Challenge: A structured evaluation program for aspiring traders. (details below)

The only challenge model offered by Alpine Funded is the 2-step evaluation, known as the Peak.

Base Camp Instant Funding

Alpine Funded bse camp account 50K

This program allows you to begin trading immediately without undergoing an evaluation. You’ll receive instant capital and keep a significant portion (up to 80%) of your profits. However, there are specific requirements and limitations to consider:

Key Metrics:

  • Maximum Daily Loss: 4%
  • Maximum Overall Loss: 8%
  • Time Limit: None
  • Minimum Trading Days: 5 Days
  • Profit Split: Up to 80%
  • Trading Leverage: 1:100

Additional Features:

  • News Trading: Yes
  • Weekend Holding: No
  • Expert Advisors: Allowed
  • Refundable Fee: No

Base Camp offers a low-barrier entry point for aspiring traders.  You can begin trading immediately with a decent profit share but have limitations like no weekend holding and no opportunity to scale to higher capital without transitioning to the Peak program.

The Peak 2-Step Challenge

Alpine Funded the peak account 50K

The Peak 2-Step Challenge is designed for traders ready to prove their skills through a structured evaluation process.

Key Metrics:

  • Phase 1 Profit: 8%
  • Phase 2 Profit: 5%
  • Maximum Daily Loss: 4%
  • Maximum Overall Loss: 8%
  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Minimum Trading Days: 5 Days per phase
  • Refundable Fee: Yes
  • Trading Leverage: 1:100

Additional Features:

  • News Trading: Yes
  • Weekend Holding: Yes
  • Expert Advisors: Allowed

The Peak 2-Step Challenge offers a comprehensive evaluation for traders seeking higher rewards and the opportunity for account scaling. With generous profit targets and additional features like weekend holding and refundable fees, it caters to those ready to demonstrate advanced trading proficiency. Additionally, there is a way to upgrade from the Base Camp to the Peak, which we will discuss next.

Base Camp to Peak Funded Upgrade

Alpine Funded offers a pathway for traders to upgrade from the Base Camp Instant Funding to the Peak Funded Account. This process acknowledges traders’ consistent performance and provides them with opportunities for enhanced trading conditions and rewards. But first, let’s talk about the difference.

Base Camp vs. Peak Funded Account:

Alpine Funded offers two distinct routes to access trading capital: Base Camp Instant Funding and the Peak Funded Account. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

Base Camp Instant Funding:

  • Suited for: New traders or those seeking a quicker start.
  • Benefits:
    • Instant funding with no challenge phase.
    • Up to 80% profit share.
    • Entry point to learn the platform and prop trading.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Lower profit share compared to Peak.
    • No weekend holding of positions.
    • Limited scaling opportunities.
    • Requires consistent lot size and profit rules.

Peak Funded Account (via Challenge):

  • Suited for: Experienced traders seeking higher rewards and challenges.
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 90% profit share upon successful completion of the challenge.
    • Scalable account up to $2 million.
    • Weekend holding allowed.
    • Refundable challenge fee.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Requires passing a two-phase challenge with profit targets.
    • Longer entry time compared to Base Camp.

Upgrading from Base Camp:

The Base Camp program acts as a stepping stone for traders to build their experience and potentially transition to the Peak Funded Account. Here’s how the upgrade works:

  • Eligibility: Consistent traders who achieve a cumulative profit of over 13% on their Base Camp account over at least four months qualify for an upgrade.
  • Benefits: Upgraded account with Peak program benefits, including:
    • Potential for higher profit share (up to 90%).
    • Access to weekend trading.
    • Account scaling opportunities (up to $2 million).
  • Reasoning: 13% profit represents the combined profit target (8% + 5%) required to pass both phases of the Peak Challenge. Achieving this on Base Camp demonstrates your ability to meet the Peak program’s requirements.

The upgrade path from Base Camp to Peak Funded Account rewards consistent performance and offers a natural progression for Base Camp traders seeking to unlock greater profit share, account scaling, and the flexibility of weekend trading.

alpine funded challenge upgrade

Broker & Platform

Alpine Funded has partnered with two industry leaders to provide a robust and secure trading environment:

  • cTrader Platform:
    Alpine Funded utilizes cTrader, a recognized and regulated trading platform specifically designed for foreign exchange (forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading. Here are some of cTrader’s strengths:
    • Security: cTrader prioritizes security with features like advanced order types and reliable execution across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
    • Speed: Experience rapid execution to ensure your trades are filled promptly.
    • Accessibility: Trade from the comfort of your preferred device with desktop, web, and mobile platform options.
    • Advanced Features: In addition to the core functionalities, cTrader offers features like cAlgo for automated trading and a customizable user interface for a personalized trading experience.
  • Purple Trading Broker:
    Alpine Funded collaborates with Purple Trading, a reputable and regulated broker specializing in forex and CFDs. Here’s what Purple Trading offers:
    • Secure Environment: Purple Trading prioritizes a secure trading experience with advanced order options and reliable execution.
    • Market Transparency: Level II pricing offered by Purple Trading grants you clear visibility into market depth.
    • Fast Execution: Benefit from Purple Trading’s lightning-fast execution to capitalize on fleeting trading opportunities.
    • Platform Compatibility: Trade seamlessly across desktop, web, and mobile platforms provided by Purple Trading.
    • Additional Products: It’s worth checking if Purple Trading offers any additional products beyond forex and CFDs, which might be relevant to some traders interested in a wider range of instruments.
    • Customer Support: Having readily available customer support through Purple Trading can be a positive factor for some users.

Overall Considerations:

  • Integration: The seamless integration between cTrader’s platform and Purple Trading’s brokerage services ensures a smooth trading experience.
  • Target Audience: While cTrader offers advanced features, the platform itself is generally considered user-friendly. Combined with Purple Trading’s offerings, this setup seems suitable for both intermediate and advanced traders looking for a powerful trading suite.

Alpine Funded’s partnership with cTrader and Purple Trading provides a secure, transparent, and efficient trading environment. The powerful cTrader platform and reputable Purple Trading brokerage empower traders to focus on their strategies with confidence.

Alpine Funded broker platform


Alpine Funded offers a unique proposition for aspiring and experienced traders seeking access to funded accounts. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Key Features (Why Choose Alpine Funded):

  • Dual Funding Paths: Choose between instant funding with Base Camp or a structured evaluation process with the Peak Challenge.
  • Scalable Accounts: Both programs offer the potential to grow your account size based on performance. (For Peak program)
  • High Leverage: Amplify your returns (and potential losses) with leverage up to 1:100.
  • Diverse Tradable Assets: Trade various forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.
  • cTrader Platform: Benefit from a secure, transparent, and feature-rich platform designed for forex and CFD trading.
  • Purple Trading Broker: Enjoy a secure trading environment with fast execution and competitive offerings.

Considerations (What to Consider Before Signing Up):

  • Challenge Requirements (Peak Program): The Peak program requires successfully completing a two-phase challenge with profit targets and minimum trading days.
  • Instant Funding Profit Split (Base Camp): Base Camp offers a lower profit share compared to the Peak program.
  • Trading Restrictions (Base Camp): Base Camp has limitations like no weekend holding and specific lot size and profit consistency requirements.

Alpine Funded caters to traders at various skill levels. Base Camp offers a low barrier to entry, while the Peak program rewards experienced traders with potentially higher returns and account scaling. Carefully consider your risk tolerance, experience level, and program requirements before choosing your path. If you’re a motivated trader seeking a chance to manage a sizeable account, Alpine Funded could be a compelling option.

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