No Evaluation Prop Trading Firms: Save Time and Money

Time is a valuable asset for traders. That’s where no evaluation prop trading firms come in, offering a fast track to trading without the lengthy evaluation processes. These firms provide immediate funding, allowing traders to bypass traditional barriers such as capital constraints and performance evaluations.

Why Choose a No Evaluation Prop Trading Firm?

Are you aspiring to make significant impacts as a trader but lack the capital? Or perhaps you’ve faced repeated failures in prop trading evaluations, leading to doubts about your trading capabilities? These common challenges often discourage even experienced traders from pursuing opportunities in the markets.

No evaluation prop trading firms eliminate the need for repeated and costly evaluations, giving traders a quicker route to real money accounts and trading opportunities.

Top No Evaluation Prop Trading Firms: A Comparative Guide

Here’s a detailed look at some of the best no evaluation prop trading firms, focusing on their affordability, ease of joining, and overall trading conditions:


fundyourfx instant funding

Our #1 prop firm is still FundYourFX. They offer a straightforward way to trading without traditional trading challenges. Traders can access accounts that could grow to as much as $2 million and enjoy high-profit shares of up to 90%.

Choosing the Right Plan at FundYourFX

fundyourfx prices

Origin Funded Plans

Ideal for those who like high-risk and high-reward scenarios, these plans offer growth potential from modest beginnings:

  • Starter Plan:
    • Cost: $175 (originally $250)
    • Features: Begins with $7,000 and can scale up to $500,000. Includes up to 90% profit sharing, permission for news trading, up to 1:100 leverage, weekly payouts, and a refundable fee if successful.
  • Standard Plan:
    • Cost: $262 (originally $375)
    • Features: Starts with $15,000 and scales up to $1 million, with the same benefits as the Starter plan.
  • Professional Plan:
    • Cost: $488 (originally $697)
    • Features: Starts with $30,000 and scales up to $1.5 million, incorporating all the perks of the lower-tier plans but allowing for larger scale operations.

Evolution Funded Plans

These plans are designed for traders who prefer consistent and frequent wins:

  • Starter Plan:
    • Cost: $175 (30% off the original price)
    • Features: Mirrors the Origin Starter but caters to different strategic approaches.
  • Standard Plan:
    • Cost: $262 (30% off the original price)
    • Features: Similar to the Origin Standard, aimed at consistent profitability.
  • Professional Plan:
    • Cost: $1,104 (originally $1,577)
    • Features: Begins with $80,000 and potential scaling to $2 million, offering all the high-end features for serious traders.

Why Traders Choose FundYourFX

  • Weekly Payouts: Traders appreciate the flexibility of withdrawing profits on a weekly basis.
  • Regulated Broker Partnership: Trading is more secure with Purple Trading SC, regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.
  • Advanced Trading Technology: The cTrader platform enhances trading with faster executions and more reliable risk management tools.

Recognition and Reliability

Recognized for excellent customer support, winning the Best Customer Support 2023 & Best Instant Funding Prop Firm 2023 award, FundYourFX has established itself as a reliable partner. With three years of solid performance, it is considered a trusted choice for both new and experienced traders.

The 5%ers

the 5ers

The 5%ers are redefining the prop trading industry with their Hyper Growth Program, acclaimed for having the highest success rate. This program allows traders to operate without time pressure, offering a pathway to grow accounts up to an impressive $4,000,000.

Hyper Growth Program Details

the 5ers prices

Traders can choose their starting level based on their comfort and goals:

  • $10,000 Level:
    • Evaluation Funding Capital: $5,000
    • One Time Fee: $260
    • Bonuses: From $15
  • $20,000 Level:
    • Evaluation Funding Capital: $10,000
    • One Time Fee: $450
    • Bonuses: From $25
  • $40,000 Level:
    • Evaluation Funding Capital: $20,000
    • One Time Fee: $850
    • Bonuses: From $50

Key Features Across All Levels

  • Profit Split: Up to 100%
  • Leverage: 1:30
  • Stop Out Level: 6%
  • Daily Pause: 3% (protects against significant losses by disabling the account for the current day if reached)
  • Evaluation Target: 10%
  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Trading Conditions: News trading is allowed, and holding trades over the weekend is permitted.
  • Assets Available: FX, Metals, Indices, Crypto
  • Platform: MT5 available on desktop, web, and mobile

Unique Benefits of the Hyper Growth Program

  • Double Your Funded Account: Each target completion potentially doubles the funded account, maintaining the same profit target, maximum loss, and daily pause for all funded stages.
  • Bonuses: Successful completion of each level rewards traders with bonuses on top of their profit splits, credited to their HUB for future uses.
  • Flexibility: No minimum trades or days are required to complete level 1, offering significant flexibility to traders.
  • First Payout: Occurs 14 days after receiving a funded account, with subsequent payouts every two weeks.

Trading with The 5%ers: A Strategy for Growth

The 5%ers’ Hyper Growth Program stands out by allowing traders the flexibility to trade under generous conditions while providing the potential for significant account growth and high profit shares. The program’s structure encourages continuous trading activity, with safeguards like the daily pause to protect against abrupt downturns.

Why Choose The 5%ers?

Choosing The 5%ers means opting for a prop firm that supports trader growth not just through capital increase but also through continuous rewards and incentives. The no-pressure environment, coupled with high potential profit splits, makes this program especially appealing to traders who are confident in their trading strategies and seek substantial growth opportunities.



FTUK introduces a streamlined pathway to forex trading with its Instant Funding Program. Designed for traders seeking to bypass the traditional evaluation process, this program provides instant access to virtual capital in a live trading account. It’s an ideal solution for traders aiming to accelerate their profit generation from the very first level.

FTUK Pricing

How It Works: Simple Steps to Forex Success

FTUK makes beginning your trading journey straightforward:

  1. Choose Your Program: Select the right funding level that matches your trading goals.
  2. Sign Up: Complete the registration to join the FTUK community.
  3. Receive Credentials: FTUK will provide the necessary trading credentials.
  4. Start Trading: Log in and trade using FTUK’s capital.
  5. Reach Milestones: Hit your target and claim your profits as frequently as desired.

FTUK Forex Program Options

ftuk price

FTUK offers a variety of instant funding levels to cater to different trader needs and ambitions:

  • $14,000 Level:
    • Investment: $200
    • Profit Target: 10%
    • Drawdown: 6%
    • Leverage: Up to 1:100
    • Profit Split: 80%
    • Scaling Potential: Up to $896,000
  • $40,000 Level:
    • Investment: $550
    • Profit Target: 10%
    • Drawdown: 8%
    • Leverage: Up to 1:100
    • Profit Split: 80%
    • Scaling Potential: Up to $2,560,000
  • $60,000 Level:
    • Investment: $750
    • Profit Target: 10%
    • Drawdown: 8%
    • Leverage: Up to 1:100
    • Profit Split: 80%
    • Scaling Potential: Up to $3,840,000
  • $90,000 Level:
    • Investment: $1,200
    • Profit Target: 10%
    • Drawdown: 8%
    • Leverage: Up to 1:100
    • Profit Split: 80%
    • Scaling Potential: Up to $5,760,000

Flexibility and Support in Your Trading Journey

FTUK’s program is tailored to support traders in maximizing their trading strategies:

  • Weekend Trading: Traders have the freedom to hold positions over the weekend, providing flexibility in trading strategy and timing.
  • High Leverage Options: With leverage up to 1:100, traders can amplify their trading positions, increasing the potential for higher returns.
  • Frequent Profit Distribution: Achieve your profit targets and enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing your earnings as often as you wish.

Why Choose FTUK?

FTUK’s Instant Funding Program is perfect for traders who are ready to advance quickly without the constraints of evaluations. The program’s structure encourages rapid progression with generous profit splits and scaling opportunities. With a range of capital options and supportive trading conditions, FTUK empowers traders to reach ambitious financial targets.

Forex Prop Firm

forex prop firm instant funding

Forex Prop Firm offers Instant Funded Accounts which allow traders to bypass traditional evaluations and access trading capital immediately. This setup is designed to enable traders to start trading and potentially earning without preliminary assessments or delays.

Features of Forex Prop Firm’s Instant Funded Accounts

  • Initial Funding: Traders are provided with up to $400K in initial funding.
  • Profit Share: The profit share model offers up to 95% to the traders, dependent on the account type and conditions met.
  • Trading Conditions: There are no daily drawdown limits or time restrictions, providing traders with a flexible trading environment. The firm offers raw spreads and low commission rates.

Benefits of Choosing FPF Instant Funded Accounts

Immediate Profit Opportunities

Traders can start earning profits from their first day without waiting for account activation or passing evaluation stages.

Generous Profit Splits

Forex Prop Firm offers up to 80% profit splits depending on the chosen account type, with the entry-level accounts starting from a 20% profit split.

Relaxed Trading Regulations

The absence of stringent challenge requirements and relaxed trading rules aim to reduce barriers for traders focusing on their trading strategies.

Access to Various Markets

Traders have access to a wide range of markets including forex, digital assets, indices, and commodities.

Scalability of Capital

The program allows traders the opportunity to scale their trading capital to as high as $10 million.

Streamlined Withdrawals

Upon achieving a 5% profit target within 30 days, traders can withdraw their earnings, facilitated by simple and straightforward withdrawal processes.

Instant Funding Models Available

forex prop firm prices

Forex Prop Firm has developed three distinct funding models to cater to different trader needs and investment capabilities:

  • Premium Traders – 80% Profit Split:
    • Suitable for traders looking for the highest available profit split.
    • Account Sizes Range: $10,000 to $400,000
    • Commissions: $4.5/lot for FX, Crypto, Commodities | $0.45/lot for Indices
  • Advance Traders – 50% Profit Split:
    • Offers a balance between high returns and accessibility.
    • Account Sizes Range: $10,000 to $400,000
  • Pro Traders – 20% Profit Split:
    • Provides an entry point for new or less experienced traders with a lower profit split and reduced initial costs.
    • Account Sizes Range: $10,000 to $400,000

Payout System and Scaling Plan Details

The payout system at Forex Prop Firm starts with a 90:10 split for traders passing challenges, and an 80:20 split for those in the instant funding category. For traders who meet specific conditions of the scaling plan, the account balance can increase significantly, potentially impacting the payout ratio positively.

Is There an Easier Way to Get Funding at Prop Firms?

It’s possible to acquire funding in a less complicated way. For those who are unfamiliar, getting instant funding does not require an evaluation for your prop trading firm. This will not only significantly improve your chances of getting funds but will also allow you to start trading as soon as possible.

Why Prop Trading Firm Evaluations are Not as Good?

A one-time fee is required when you decide to join a prop firm. Either the evaluation fee or the straight funding is covered by this one-time fee. You must now choose whether you want one with an evaluation or one without. This is important because you won’t get your one-time payment back unless you succeed in the evaluation. Not every individual passes the evaluation. Some prop firms make the task as hard as they can since the fees from traders failing their evaluations are how they make their money. Therefore, if you see refundable, you should be aware that it only applies once you pass their evaluation.

Having to pass the evaluation can take time. It can take traders 30-60 days. Not many traders can pass it in a few days.

Why No Evaluation Prop Trading Firm is Better?

Most no evaluation prop firms usually don’t have a refundable fee, except for one prop firm. It is a new rule that we found for FundYourFX where they refund your fee on your 5th profit share. So this would require you to hit 10% profit 5 times.

Other than that, with a no evaluation prop firm, you get funding much faster. It can be as fast as instantly, at most, 3 days. So if you want to start trading as soon as possible, then the only way is through a no-evaluation prop firm.

In Summary

We’ve given you an evaluation-free list of prop firms to choose from. If you want to join a prop firm quickly without wasting time with their evaluation processes, this is the list for you. When it comes to a prop firm where no evaluations are required, we recommend FundYourFX above all others. Below, we’ve outlined the services provided by each prop firm to make it easier for you to make a decision.

best no evaluation prop firm comparison

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