SurgeTrader Platform Update and Migration for U.S. Traders

Platform Changes and U.S. Trader Impact

SurgeTrader has announced significant platform changes affecting U.S. based traders. Due to unforeseen circumstances, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are no longer available for U.S. traders participating in Surge Trader Auditions or managing Virtually Funded Accounts. This development necessitates an urgent migration to alternative trading technologies.

New Technology Rollout and DXtrade Introduction

Efforts are underway to introduce new technology solutions for all U.S. traders, with DXtrade slated as the replacement platform. This transition aims to ensure minimal disruption to trading activities, with the new platform expected to be operational in the coming days.

Guidance for Non-U.S. Traders

For traders outside the U.S., there will be no change in their trading activities. Platforms 4 and 5 remain accessible, and the purchase of new auditions can proceed without interruption.

Instructions for U.S. Traders

U.S. Traders, identified by a U.S. IP address and/or billing address, are required to close all open trades by 4 pm EST on February 23rd. Failure to do so will result in automatic trade closures at the specified time. Additionally, a temporary limitation on account access will be in place during the migration process, with the transition to the new platform expected to be completed on or before March 5th. SurgeTrader assures that the final balance on current accounts will be mirrored in the new platform accounts, and trading history and metrics will remain accessible through the dashboard.

Migration Period and Account Setup Pause

To facilitate a smooth transition, SurgeTrader will temporarily halt the setup of new U.S. accounts until the platform upgrade is finalized. Communication regarding the resumption of new U.S. based trading evaluations will be conveyed via email.

Payout Requests and Account Balances

It is important for U.S. Traders to note that all payout requests submitted during this period will be reversed, with funds returned to the respective platform accounts. This measure ensures that account balances on the new platform accurately reflect the end-of-day balances as of today.

Continued CommunicationSurgeTrader commits to providing ongoing updates throughout the migration process. Traders are encouraged to look out for email notifications and dashboard updates regarding new platform credentials and further developments.

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