Official Closure of True Forex Funds Announced

true forex funds close

True Forex Funds has officially ceased all operations and will be permanently closing due to financial insolvency. The company, known for its proprietary trading efforts, has concluded that continuing operations is no longer viable despite extensive attempts to stabilize its financial situation.

True Forex Funds has been grateful for the dedication and effort of its employees, the trust placed by its clients, and the consistent support from its partners. The company extends its sincere thanks to all stakeholders involved in its journey.

Context and Challenges Leading to Closure

Setback from Industry Challenges:

Earlier, True Forex Funds faced significant setbacks when MetaQuotes terminated its MT4 and MT5 licenses without prior warning. This abrupt action by MetaQuotes posed severe challenges for True Forex Funds and its traders, contributing to the firm’s financial troubles. Despite these difficulties, the company had announced plans to relaunch its services in February, aiming to provide a seamless and superior trading experience with the introduction of the Match-Trader platform.

Response from the Community:

The closure of True Forex Funds has sparked reactions within the proprietary trading community. Comments from users on social media reflect a mix of frustration and disappointment, with remarks about the financial impact on traders and calls for better risk management practices within the industry.

Recent Developments and Efforts:

In the weeks leading up to its closure, True Forex Funds had been actively seeking to reinstate its licenses with MetaQuotes and had also rolled out Match-Trader in select countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Hungary due to high demand. Approximately 10,000 accounts were reportedly awaiting migration to this new platform.

Insights on the Closure of True Forex Funds

The abrupt closure of True Forex Funds underscores several critical issues within the proprietary trading industry and highlights key management missteps that can be instructive for similar firms.

Strategic Missteps and Management Decisions:

  • Lack of Proactive Measures: The management’s apparent inaction in the face of financial distress is perplexing. A more aggressive approach involving significant restructuring, exploring mergers, or actively seeking new investors might have alleviated the financial pressures. The hesitation or inability to implement these measures suggests a fatalistic approach to the looming financial crisis.

Missed Opportunities for Rescue:

  • Exploring Alternative Strategies: It appears that potential rescue strategies such as finding strategic partners or adjusting the business model to reduce costs and enhance revenue streams were either insufficiently explored or implemented too late. This hesitancy to adapt or innovate may have sealed the company’s fate, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and swift action in crisis management.

Community Impact and Industry Lessons:

  • Underestimating Community Response: The closure has clearly impacted the trading community, as evidenced by the outpouring of frustration from traders who felt let down by the firm’s sudden demise. This reaction highlights the need for transparency and better communication with stakeholders during times of crisis.
  • Risk Management Failures: The situation with True Forex Funds illustrates the critical importance of robust risk management systems. Proper risk controls and contingency planning might have provided a buffer against some of the challenges faced.


The end of True Forex Funds is not just the closure of a company but a significant event in the prop trading landscape, serving as a stark reminder of the risks and realities of financial management within the industry. The firm’s exit from the market signifies a moment of reflection for similar companies on the importance of agility and decisiveness in corporate strategy.

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