What Happened To My Forex Funds?

The trading world was recently shaken when MyForexFunds shut down due to significant legal charges from U.S. and Canadian regulatory bodies. This blog post aims to dissect the charges and their implications for the forex trading community.

MyForexFunds: The Company’s Statement

mff statement


In a recent official statement, MyForexFunds disclosed that both Canadian and U.S. regulators have imposed freeze orders on their trading and financial assets without prior notice. This move has effectively halted their business operations, at least temporarily. The company has indicated that they will engage with the regulatory bodies to discuss their concerns. Initial court hearings have been scheduled: one for September 11 in the United States, followed by another hearing later the same week in Canada. MyForexFunds has expressed its intent to resolve the matter as promptly as possible and has committed to updating its stakeholders as events unfold.

Breaking Down the CFTC’s Charges Against MyForexFunds



Based on the information provided, it appears that “My Forex Funds,” operated by Murtuza Kazmi and his associated companies, Traders Global Group Inc., were involved in fraudulent activities related to retail forex trading and leveraged retail commodity transactions. Here’s a summary of what happened:

Fraudulent Solicitation

The CFTC alleges that MyForexFunds and its operators fraudulently convinced customers to participate in complex trading activities, involving leveraged or margined retail forex trading.

Misrepresentation of Services

The company lured retail customers with the promise of becoming “professional traders,” using phrases like “your success is our business.” However, the CFTC argues that these claims were not only false but intentionally misleading.

The Role of Counterparty

MyForexFunds, rather than an unbiased third-party “liquidity provider,” served as the counterparty for most trades. This is a significant conflict of interest, as it means the company stands to profit from customer losses.

Unethical Practices

According to the CFTC, the company deployed several deceitful practices:

  • Account Termination: Using various pretexts to close profitable customer accounts.
  • Hidden Charges: Levying undisclosed commissions that significantly reduce customer profits.
  • Order Manipulation: Using specialized software to execute customer orders at less favorable prices than promised.

Scale of Fraud

The complaint notes that the scale of the operation is immense. Over 135,000 customers have engaged with the platform, paying more than $310 million in fees since November 2021.

Misappropriation of Funds

Murtuza Kazmi allegedly used the money acquired through these fraudulent activities for personal expenses, including purchasing luxury items and properties.

Implications for Customers

If you’re invested in MyForexFunds, your accounts are likely frozen. As the legal process is ongoing, it may take time to determine if you will recover any invested funds. It’s strongly recommended to consult a legal advisor for personalized advice.

Legal and International Actions

In addition to the CFTC, the Ontario Securities Commission has also imposed a temporary trading ban against MyForexFunds. This international involvement suggests a multi-jurisdictional investigation.


The unfolding story around MyForexFunds stands as a sobering reminder of the importance of careful research and vigilance when selecting trading platforms. While the company is currently under legal scrutiny for serious accusations, the extent of the alleged misconduct won’t be fully understood until the judicial process reaches its conclusion.

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