Lark Funding Announces Seamless Migration Process for Traders

Lark Funding has officially announced a comprehensive migration process designed to ensure continuous trading operations for its community, amidst the rapidly evolving trading landscape. Here’s a summary of the key updates:

For Lark Funding US Traders:

  • Migration to DXTrade: Scheduled for February 27th, all US client accounts will transition to DXTrade. Clients are required to close all positions by 4 pm EST on February 26th, after which account access will be suspended.
  • New US Purchases: Starting February 27th, new purchases from US clients will be accepted on DXTrade.

For lark Funding Non-US Clients:

  • Continuation with Evaluations: International traders can continue to purchase new Evaluations without interruption.
  • Migration for Eightcap Accounts: Similar to US traders, those with an Eightcap account must close positions by the specified deadline for migration to DXTrade.
  • cTrader Availability: cTrader is expected to roll out to all international traders within four weeks.

General Updates for All Traders:

  • Lark Funding reassures that all progress in Evaluation or Simulated Funded Accounts will be preserved and transferred to the new platform.
  • The introduction of a new broker is underway, promising more options for traders.

Lark Funding emphasizes its commitment to supporting its trading community during these transitions and encourages any traders with questions or concerns to reach out for assistance. This initiative reflects Lark Funding’s dedication to providing a seamless trading experience through adaptive and forward-looking platform enhancements.

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