Goat Funded Trader Revamps Classic Challenge: Updated Profit Targets

goat funded trader profit target

Goat Funded Trader has announced updates to their popular Classic Challenge program. Let’s delve into the details and explore what this means for new traders looking to kickstart their prop trading journey.

Classic Challenge Gets a Facelift: Here’s What’s New

  • Reduced Profit Targets: The most significant change comes in the form of lowered profit targets. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Classic Challenge now require you to achieve a 6% profit on your account. This represents a decrease from the previous target, making the challenge potentially more accessible for new traders.
  • Industry-Leading Trading Conditions: Goat Funded Trader emphasizes its commitment to providing participants with top-notch trading conditions.
  • Payout on Demand: This feature empowers you to access your profits quickly. Once you meet the requirements, you can potentially receive your earned funds without delay.

Additional Considerations about Goat Funded Trader

While the provided information highlights the key updates, here’s a broader look at Goat Funded Trader:

  • Challenge Structure: Goat Funded Trader offers various challenge programs, with the Classic Challenge being a popular option for beginners. It typically involves a two-phase evaluation process where you need to demonstrate your trading skills and risk management abilities on a simulated account.
  • Funding Options: Upon successful completion of the challenges, Goat Funded Trader offers funded accounts with varying capital sizes.

Scaling the Ladder: Potential Rewards

Beyond the Classic Challenge, Goat Funded Trader offers the chance to progress towards increasingly attractive rewards:

  • Scale Up to $2 Million: Successfully navigate the program tiers and potentially gain access to funded accounts reaching $2 million in capital.
  • Profit Split Up to 95%: As your skills and consistency improve, you may be eligible to keep a larger share of the profits generated through your trading activity. Goat Funded Trader suggests a potential profit split reaching up to 95%.
  • Weekly Payouts: Enjoy the flexibility of receiving your earned profits on a weekly basis, subject to meeting any requirements.
  • Increased Drawdown Limits: As you progress through the program, the allowable maximum drawdown (Max DD) and daily drawdown (daily DD) limits may increase, providing you with more breathing room while managing your trades.
  • Monthly Salary for Top Performers: Goat Funded Trader highlights the possibility of earning a monthly salary on top of profit splits for its most consistent traders.

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