Funding Pips Platform Migration Update and Trading Restrictions for US & Poland Clients

Platform Migration and New Integrations

Funding Pips has successfully transitioned to the Match Trader platform and is actively working on incorporating additional trading platforms such as cTrader, DXtrade, and Tradelocker. This development is part of the company’s ongoing effort to enhance the trading experience for its clients. Efforts are also being made to reintroduce MT5, thereby expanding the variety of trading tools and platforms available to its users.

Restrictions for US and Poland Clients

It has come to light that Match Trader currently does not support clients located in the United States and Poland. This update may be unexpected for traders in these regions who have previously utilized Match Trader for their trading activities. Funding Pips recognizes the inconvenience this may cause and is committed to finding solutions for affected clients.

DXtrade Integration: A Solution for US Clients


In response to the restrictions affecting US and Polish clients, Funding Pips is in the process of integrating DXtrade into its platform offerings. This strategic move aims to ensure that the company can continue to serve its valued clients in the United States. The integration of DXtrade is a crucial step towards enabling affected clients to resume trading activities seamlessly.

Navigating Industry Challenges

The situation with Match Trader reflects a broader industry challenge in the post-MQ and US restriction landscape. Several firms had anticipated incorporating Match Trader as a solution for US clients, but recent developments have necessitated a reevaluation of available options. The stance on Match Trader’s support for US clients has seen varying communications from CEOs, ranging from outright exclusion to case-by-case special permissions, with some firms possibly being onboarded before the implementation of new restrictions.

Funding Pips remains committed to navigating these challenges, adapting to regulatory changes, and continuing to offer reliable trading solutions to its global clientele. The company’s efforts to integrate new platforms like DXtrade exemplify its dedication to ensuring uninterrupted service and support for all its clients.

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