Funded By Traders Launches Successfully

Funded By Traders has officially launched, offering traders a new opportunity to prove their skills and secure substantial funding. As part of their launch, they are providing a 10% discount on all challenges using the code LAUNCH10.

Evaluation Process

  • Choose Your Account: Select the account size you wish to trade and proceed to checkout.
  • Trade: Use the evaluation accounts to showcase your skills and become a funded trader.
  • Utilize Our Capital: Access up to $400,000 in trading capital upon completing the challenge.
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Why Choose Funded By Traders?

  • 85% Profit Split: Traders keep 85% of the profits made on their funded accounts.
  • No Time Limits: Trade without the pressure of time constraints, allowing you to perform at your best.
  • Diverse Trading Instruments: Trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, and more.
  • Fast Payouts: Enjoy the fastest payout times in the industry, with payouts processed in just 5 days.

Golden Circle

Traders who prove their profitability over six months may be invited to join the Golden Circle. This exclusive group provides direct access to the founders and CEO, live fund trading opportunities, and invitations to special events and meet-ups.For more information visit Funded By Traders.

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