FTMO Premium Programme for Elite Traders

FTMO’s Premium Programme is designed to help traders advance their careers with exclusive benefits and rewards. This program features two main levels, with the potential for participants to reach a third, ultimate level.

ftmo premium programme


Prime Status is the first level of the FTMO Premium Programme, offering a variety of benefits to qualifying traders.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Active FTMO Account: Must have an active FTMO Account of any size (aggressive accounts are not eligible).
  • Clean Record: No failed FTMO Account within the last 4 months from the date of application.
  • Profitability: Achieve 4 payouts on a single order with a minimum profitability of 4% per payout before the split (these payouts do not need to be consecutive).

Prime Status Benefits:

  • One Free FTMO Challenge of the same size as the qualified FTMO Account
  • A dedicated customer support agent
  • 90% payout ratio
  • Special certificate for your achievement
  • Maximum Capital Allocation increased to $600K
  • Access to the unique $400K FTMO Challenge product
  • No time limits on maintaining Prime Status
  • 5% bonus on the rollover amount added to the subsequent FTMO Account
  • Exclusive discounts: 10% off all new purchases of FTMO Challenges and 15% off at the FTMO e-shop during the Premium Programme


Supreme Status is the next level in the FTMO Premium Programme, offering enhanced benefits for traders who meet the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Active $400K FTMO Account: Either merged from two $200K FTMO Accounts or a single $400K FTMO Account.
  • Profitability: Active participation with Prime Status for 3 months with at least 3 payouts and 4% profitability per payout.

Supreme Status Benefits:

  • All Prime Status benefits
  • Immediate payout
  • $1M Max. Capital Allocation
  • No Maximum Daily Loss
  • Physical badge of achievement
  • Opportunity to move to Quantlane (subject to passing their assessment)
  • Exclusive merchandise


Traders who reach Supreme Status may have the opportunity to join Quantlane, a traditional proprietary trading firm under the FTMO Group. Founded in 2014, Quantlane is home to mathematicians, engineers, quants, developers, and trading enthusiasts who build multiple trading strategies to tackle financial market challenges.

Quantlane Benefits:

  • 2-year contract with a fixed salary
  • Competitive trading bonus scheme
  • Integration into the team
  • Custom platform and tooling
  • Performance and mindset coaching
  • Trading station in Prague and relocation package
  • Institutional trading conditions (spreads, liquidity, risk framework)

For more information about Quantlane, traders can visit this page.

Join the FTMO Premium Programme

By participating in the FTMO Premium Programme, traders can unlock exceptional benefits, accelerate their trading skills, and reach new heights in their trading careers. This program is designed to support and reward elite traders on their journey to professionalism.

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