FPFX Terminates Funded Engineer License Over Alleged Fraud Scheme

FPFX Terminates Funded Engineer License

In a startling development that has shaken the trading community, FPFX, a technology provider for the proprietary trading industry, has revoked its license with the prop trading firm Funded Engineer on grounds of alleged fraudulent activities. This sudden action has abruptly halted the operations of Funded Engineer, sparking a wave of negative publicity and leaving the firm with no prior notice or opportunity to contest the allegations.

Immediate Response and Measures Taken by Funded Engineer

Reacting swiftly to the license termination, Funded Engineer disclosed that it was in the midst of transitioning towards deploying its proprietary technology platform, a project that was expected to culminate in the near future. Despite this unforeseen hurdle, the firm has expedited the development process of their technology to mitigate the impact on its trading operations. As an immediate consequence, Funded Engineer made the tough decision to close all existing trades and temporarily disable trading to ensure the preservation of account statuses until a more permanent solution is in place.

Communications and Support for Affected Traders

Understanding the importance of maintaining open lines of communication during such critical times, Funded Engineer has committed to providing regular updates regarding the ongoing situation. The firm has outlined a clear process for traders seeking refunds, emphasizing its dedication to supporting its traders and ensuring they are kept well-informed and reassured throughout this transition period.

Compensation Measures and Refund Process

Recognizing the significant impact of these disruptions, Funded Engineer has unveiled specific compensation measures aimed at alleviating the inconvenience experienced by its community. This includes a streamlined process for securing a list of pending payouts from FPFX, ensuring all traders receive their rightful earnings. Additionally, the firm has simplified the refund process for those preferring to discontinue their trading activities under the current circumstances, requiring traders to submit essential information for processing refunds.

Reset and Additional Drawdown for Challenge and Funded Accounts

To further support its trading community, Funded Engineer announced that all active challenge accounts in phases 1 and 2, currently experiencing a drawdown, will be reset to their original starting balance. In addition, all funded accounts are being granted an additional 1% drawdown, providing traders with added flexibility in their trading strategies. This adjustment is available to traders who have actively placed at least one trade in February, recognizing and compensating their engagement.

Communication, Legal Considerations, and Broker Options

Funded Engineer has ongoing communication with its traders, with daily updates and announcements to keep the community informed. Addressing the serious nature of the allegations by FPFX, the firm is considering all legal avenues to contest these claims, assuring traders of its commitment to rectifying the situation. Additionally, in response to external challenges like the suspension of MT4 and MT5 services by other providers, Funded Engineer has adapted by securing necessary licenses and exploring alternative broker options, ensuring uninterrupted service for its clients.

Future Steps, Reassurances, and Technological Advancements

Looking ahead, Funded Engineer anticipates navigating through the existing challenges and introducing its new technology platform, aimed at enhancing the trading experience with improved robustness and customization options. The company’s initiatives in technology development and community engagement reflect its efforts to adapt and maintain its service offerings. Amidst the ongoing challenges, the firm is addressing legal, operational, and technological aspects with the goal of stabilizing its operations and maintaining its role within the trading community.


The abrupt termination of the license of Funded Engineer by FPFX has undoubtedly presented considerable obstacles for the company and its trading community. In response, Funded Engineer has implemented a series of actions, including transparent communication and compensation initiatives, alongside efforts to advance its technology. These steps are part of the firm’s approach to manage the current situation. Despite these efforts, the challenges persist, reflecting the firm’s ongoing attempts to address the issues at hand and stabilize its operations within the prop trading sector.

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