AscendX to Migrate from MT5 to cTrader

AscendX Loses MT5 Server from KuberaMarkets, Plans Migration to cTrader

AscendX has announced that it can no longer offer MT5 through KuberaMarkets due to MetaQuotes flagging the server for ‘grey label’ activities. This decision, made solely by MetaQuotes, has prompted AscendX to purchase a licensed white label broker to ensure uninterrupted MetaQuotes access in the future.

Migration Details:

  • Current Status: cTrader accounts are unaffected and functioning normally.
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 MT5 Accounts: These will be automatically migrated to cTrader.
  • Funded MT5 Accounts: Will be migrated to the new broker with a detailed timeline forthcoming. During this period, these account holders will receive interest on their balances and a free challenge account one size lower than their original purchase.
  • Improvements: AscendX will use this migration period to update support structures, response speed, technical systems, and dashboard metrics.

Future Updates: Regular updates on the broker purchase and migration process will be provided. AscendX aims to ensure a smooth transition and improve infrastructure based on this experience.

For More Information: Visit AscendXCapital for ongoing updates and further details on the migration process.

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