TradingFunds is a reputable prop trading firm that offers traders the essential resources, capital, and technology to succeed in the financial markets while prioritizing simplicity and clear rules.

  • Regular bi-weekly payouts
  • Simple and straightforward trading rules
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Wide range of tradeable assets
  • News trading, overnight and Weekend holding allowed
  • EAs allowed
  • Competitive profit split
  • Relatively new player in the industry
  • Add-on purchase required for access to the highest funding levels

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TradingFunds Review

Welcome to this in-depth review of TradingFunds, a prop trading firm committed to empowering traders and assisting them in realizing their full potential. Despite being a relatively new player in the industry, TradingFunds has quickly established itself as a promising prop trading firm with a strong focus on supporting traders’ growth and success. Whether you are an experienced trader looking for new opportunities or a beginner taking your first steps in the trading world, this review will provide you with valuable insights into TradingFunds’ funding options, trading rules, support, and more, so you can make an informed decision about joining this dynamic trading community.

About TradingFunds

TradingFunds is a prop trading firm that has gained recognition and exposure through reputable media outlets such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, AP News, and Digital Journal. 

As a trusted firm, they offer traders the essential elements for success in financial markets: capital, technology, and infrastructure. Traders can choose from a range of funding levels, starting from $25,000 and going up to $2,000,000.

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TradingFunds is committed to providing traders with a supportive and transparent trading environment that empowers them to reach their full potential. They have a team of experts committed to helping you succeed in the markets.

TradingFunds stands out from the crowd with its friendly and straightforward rules, making navigating the prop trading world a breeze. But that’s not all – they offer a prop trading experience like no other, combining simplicity with cutting-edge technology. With their state-of-the-art platform, you can effortlessly connect to global markets, enabling you to execute trades swiftly and with pinpoint accuracy.

Funding Program Options

TradingFunds offers a range of funding program options designed to support traders at different stages of their trading journey. The available options include:

Evaluation Account: 

Traders can begin their path toward becoming a funded trader by starting with an Evaluation Account. This account allows them to demonstrate their trading skills and risk management abilities. The great thing is you don’t need to memorize a whole list of rules. The evaluation process comes with simple and straightforward guidelines and objectives.

During the evaluation, traders will use a demo account and follow specific rules and objectives. Meeting the evaluation requirements will grant them a fully funded trading account with real capital and access to the scaling plan.

  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 6%
  • No Daily Drawdown
  • Minimum Trading Days: 0
  • Maximum Trading Days: 0

Funded Trader Account:

Traders with proven exceptional trading abilities are eligible for a Funded Trader Account. This account provides real capital for trading and allows traders to withdraw their profits while continuing to grow with TradingFunds.

  • Profit Target to Scale: 10%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 6%
  • No Daily Drawdown
  • Bi-weekly Payouts
  • Joining Fee Refund

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At TradingFunds, traders receive payouts every two weeks, guaranteeing regular access to their profits. The payout amount is based on their trading performance, ensuring a steady income stream.

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Profit Split

TradingFunds offers a competitive profit split to its traders. By default, traders receive 80% of the profits. However, traders also have the option to increase their profit share to 90% by purchasing an add-on. This add-on gives traders an enhanced profit split, allowing them to maximize their earnings potential.

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Funding Levels and Scaling

TradingFunds offers a range of funding levels to accommodate traders’ various trading goals. The funding levels start at $25,000 and go up to $2,000,000. As traders meet their profit targets, they can increase their funding amount and scale up their trading activities. The maximum scaling limit is set at $2,000,000.

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TradingFunds offers a comprehensive funding program that allows traders to access capital and grow their trading careers. They aim to support traders at different stages of their journey with competitive fees and flexible funding options. 

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Evaluation Account:

Start your trading journey by enrolling in an evaluation account to showcase your trading skills and demonstrate your risk management abilities. Choose from a range of funding options available:

  • $25,000 (Refundable fee: $199)
  • $50,000 (Refundable fee: $349)
  • $100,000 (Refundable fee: $649)
  • $200,000 (Refundable fee: $1,199)

Profit Target:

  • Aim to achieve a 10% profit target based on the funded amount.

Minimum/Maximum Trading Days:

  • No limitations on the number of trading days.

Daily Drawdown:

  • No restrictions on daily drawdown.

Maximum Drawdown:

  • Maintain a maximum drawdown of 6% from the highest point of the evaluation account balance.


  • Enjoy leverage of up to 1:100.

Maximum Scaling:

TradingFunds offers a comprehensive scaling plan that allows traders to increase their trading capital based on their performance progressively. The scaling plan comprises six levels, each representing a higher funding amount. Traders can start at the evaluation level, with options ranging from $25,000 to $200,000, and as they meet their profit targets, they can advance to the subsequent levels.

The funding amounts for each level are as follows:

  • Level 1: $25,000 to $200,000
  • Level 2: $50,000 to $400,000
  • Level 3: $75,000 to $600,000
  • Level 4: $100,000 to $800,000
  • Level 5: $125,000 to $1,000,000
  • Level 6 (Add-On Purchase): $250,000 to $2,000,000

It’s important to note that Level 6 scaling is only available as an add-on purchase, providing traders with access to even higher funding levels and expanded trading opportunities. This scaling structure allows traders to gradually increase their capital as they demonstrate consistent profitability and meet the performance criteria at each level.

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By successfully meeting the profit targets and adhering to the risk management criteria, traders can progress to become funded traders. As funded traders, they gain access to larger trading accounts and enjoy bi-weekly payouts.

Tradeable Assets

TradingFunds offers a diverse range of tradeable assets to cater to different trading preferences. Traders have access to the following asset classes: forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Each asset class comes with its own unique characteristics and trading conditions. The platform partners with EightCap, an ASIC-regulated and award-winning broker, to provide a secure and reliable trading environment.


Traders can take advantage of leverage, which starts at 1:10 during the evaluation phase and increases as they progress through the levels. The leverage structure for forex pairs is as follows:

  • Evaluation: 1:10
  • Level 1: 1:10
  • Level 2: 1:20
  • Level 3: 1:20
  • Level 4: 1:50
  • Level 5: 1:50
  • Level 6: 1:100


With TradingFunds, traders can enjoy a fixed leverage of 1:5 across all levels and accounts. The standard contract size for indices is set at 10.


TradingFunds offers a fixed leverage of 1:2 for cryptocurrencies across all levels. This leverage allows traders to amplify their exposure to the crypto market while managing their risk effectively.


TradingFunds offers traders a trading environment with a relaxed approach to restrictions. The platform prioritizes providing traders flexibility and freedom to execute their strategies without unnecessary limitations. While responsible trading guidelines are in place, the focus is on empowering traders. This section outlines the minimal restrictions traders should know when using the TradingFunds platform. They aim to help traders unlock their full potential by striking a balance between freedom and responsibility.

  • Trading during major news events is allowed.
  • Holding trades over the weekend is permitted.
  • Hedging is allowed as long as it doesn’t violate any rules and isn’t done using an EA.
  • Traders are required to use a stop loss on all trades unless the No Stoploss add-on has been purchased.
  • Expert Advisors (EAs) or trading robots are allowed, except for prohibited strategies such as Martingale, Tick scalping, Reverse arbitrage trading, Latency arbitrage trading, Hedge arbitrage trading, or HFT.
  • Trade copiers are allowed from a non-TradingFunds account to a TradingFunds account but not multiple TradingFunds accounts.
  • TradingFunds reserves the right to examine EAs and terminate accounts if prohibited EAs are detected.
  • Leverage offered can go as high as 1:100, depending on the trader’s level and account type.

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Trading Platform

TradingFunds understands the needs of modern traders, which is why it offers an intuitive and powerful trading dashboard. This user-friendly platform allows traders to navigate easily and reach their scaling targets with speed. Moreover, traders have the flexibility to choose between MT4 or MT5, depending on their specific goals.

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The exclusive dashboard TradingFunds provides caters to experienced traders, offering a comprehensive set of tools for efficient account management. With this dashboard, traders can effortlessly monitor their account balances, track their trading performance, and withdraw profits.

In addition, the dashboard provides real-time market data and analysis, empowering traders to make informed trading decisions. Its user-friendly and intuitive design ensures accessibility for traders at all levels of experience. TradingFunds is dedicated to equipping its funded traders with the necessary tools and support for success.

The innovative technology behind the TradingFunds trading dashboard, combined with its user-friendly interface and robust features, makes it a valuable resource for traders looking to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Traders can embark on their path to becoming funded traders by participating in a 1-step evaluation process. This process allows traders to demonstrate their trading skills and risk management abilities to qualify for funding. Throughout the evaluation, traders will utilize a demo account and adhere to specific rules and objectives.

tradingfunds evaluation process

Evaluation Objectives

To successfully pass the evaluation and qualify for funding, traders need to meet the following objectives:

  • Profit Target: Achieve a minimum of 10% profit.
  • Max Drawdown: Maintain the maximum drawdown at 6% or below.

TradingFunds‘ evaluation model is designed to be fast and efficient, offering a streamlined process compared to other programs.

How it Works:

  1. Choose the evaluation size: Traders can select the plan that suits them best from the available options.
  2. Meet the trading target: Traders aim to reach the 10% profit target without time pressure.
  3. Receive a funded account: Upon successfully passing the evaluation, traders will be granted a fully funded trading account.
  4. Scale with TradingFunds: As funded traders, they can trade up to $2,000,000 by meeting the objectives of the funded account.

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TradingFunds stands out by prioritizing clear and straightforward trading rules. Unlike other prop firms that burden traders with complex and convoluted rules, TradingFunds keeps it simple. The evaluation process focuses on traders’ ability to meet profit targets and effectively manage risk, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters—earning profits. With TradingFunds, you can trade with peace of mind, knowing that the rules are there to have your back and help you succeed.


As a reputable prop trading firm, TradingFunds provides traders with the essential resources, including capital, technology, and infrastructure, to succeed in the financial markets. With a streamlined evaluation process and various funding options, traders can demonstrate their skills and work towards becoming funded traders. Based on traders ‘ performance, the firm’s bi-weekly payouts ensure a reliable income stream.

With TradingFunds, you can access a comprehensive platform featuring a user-friendly dashboard, a wide range of tradeable assets, and a supportive team. This allows you to execute your strategies with flexibility and freedom while adhering to responsible trading guidelines.

If you want to enhance your trading performance, TradingFunds is certainly worth exploring. They are an excellent choice for traders who appreciate the simplicity of rules that allow them to focus on earning profits. So why not check them out and see how they can benefit your trading journey?

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