Earn2Trade is among the select handful that actively recruits top talent.

  • Mentorship
  • Educational materials
  • Learn futures trading
  • Ninja Trader platform
  • Good reputation
  • No forex trading in Gauntlet programs
  • Recurring fees in Gauntlet Mini

Earn2Trade Review

Earn2Trade is a trusted education provider that also offers courses in futures trading. Ryan Masten developed this program to teach people the ropes of the forex and futures markets. Their funded account challenge is less of a competition to find the best traders and more of a training ground for aspiring traders. Those interested in learning how to trade professionally are encouraged to enroll in the mentoring program.

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About Earn2Trade

The founders of Earn2Trade are veterans in the trading industry as well as educators and developers. They have their headquarters in the United States, but they are assisted by partners located all around the globe.

It’s possible that you’re either a novice trader with aspirations of becoming more experienced or a seasoned expert searching for a new challenge. In any case, they provide you with the resources necessary to learn new things and test your knowledge at a rate that won’t put a strain on your finances and at a speed that won’t make you feel bored.

Students may benefit from mentorship sessions, webinars, and individualized instruction. In addition, when the program is over, they help successful students get employment at various trading firms.

After a trader has gained an understanding of the market, they are able to put their knowledge to the test by participating the Gauntlet Mini, and Trader Career Path. This is a trader evaluation program that was built expressly for the purpose of determining whether or not an individual is ready to trade live in the market. You may share your evaluation results with the firm’s proprietary trading partners with only a click. They will consider whether or not to accept you as a funded trading partner of the firm, depending on your performance.

Earn2Trade is among the select handful that actively recruits top talent.

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Funding Program Options

Earn2Trade’s new Trader Career Path, which allows traders to scale their careers by trading up to a $400,000 account with a set drawdown, was released in early 2022. This product is a wonderful compliment to their other two offerings, which are the Gauntlet Mini, which is an examination designed exclusively for intraday traders.

The Gauntlet Mini

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The Gauntlet Mini is a test for intraday futures trading that, if successfully completed, will result in a trader receiving funds from their partner proprietary trading firm. By bringing together futures traders who have the expertise but not the financial resources necessary to become professional traders, they hope to accomplish their mission of providing a chance for futures traders to become professional traders.

Your trading performance is evaluated by the Gauntlet Mini using a set of criteria that you must adhere to until you have traded for at least 15 days and attained the profit objective that is determined by the size of your trading account. You may take the Gauntlet Mini for a spin for a monthly fee, and your test will continue until you either reach your goal in accordance with the regulations or cancel your membership. To begin your assessment in the Gauntlet Mini, you will be given a virtual futures trading account in the amount of $50,000 to $200,000. You have at least 15 trading days to demonstrate your expertise and earn the right to continue.

Trader Career Path

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If you desire a direct route into the trading industry, the Trader Career Path is your best bet. As a first step, there is an examination designed to gauge trading expertise, promote risk management, and instill discipline. The successful candidate will be offered a position as a prop trader with the firm, given a trading account, and expected to increase the size of their account in accordance with predetermined goals.

Beginning in October, applicants who enroll in the Trading Career Path will begin their assessment on a $50,000 virtual account rather than a $25,000 one.


What you’ll pay for a fully funded trading account depends on the kind of account you choose. Because Earn2Trade is unlike other prop firms, we will discuss each program.

The Gauntlet Mini

earn2trade the gauntlet mini pricing

For example, the cost of maintaining an account in the Gauntlet Mini with a monthly balance of $50,000 will be $136 per month, while maintaining an account with a balance of $150,000 would cost you $280 per month. The price has dropped since we last reviewed them. This is the latest price in February 2023.

So, consider the $50,000 one. In the best situation, you’ll start with $136. You will trade according to the guidelines set out by Earn2Trades and earn $3,000 at the end of the first month. Earn2Trade’s trading partner will provide you with a funded trading account if you reach this threshold.

With this program, you receive a free NinjaTrader or Finamark license for 60 days, free access to Journalytix for 60 days, and unlimited access to Earn2Trade’s instructional content for the duration of your membership.

earn2trade gauntlet mini cost

Trader Career Path

earn2trade trader career path pricing

The Trader Career Path includes a $50,000 starting balance and costs $152 monthly. The price has increased for this program. However, they also added a $25,000 starting balance, which was not available before.

The most crucial thing for traders to understand is that the program offers a simple scaling strategy. Traders will participate in an evaluation test using a virtual account as part of the first round of the process. Profits may be easily withdrawn, and account levels can steadily increase via the Trader Career Path. When certain goals are met, more trading capital is made available to you.

For instance, after you reach the predetermined profit objective, you cash out your earnings and then upgrade to an account with a $100,000 balance. After reaching your profit objective on the $100,000 account, you may then upgrade to the $200,000 account. Once you reach the profit objective on that, you will receive a custom offer.

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Tradable Assets

You may trade Futures on anything listed on any of the CME exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX). Those Micros are included in this as well.

Unfortunately, none of the Gauntlet offerings support forex trading.

earn2trade asset


Since the rules for each program are unique, we will go through them separately just as we did with the pricing.

The Gauntlet Mini

Once you choose the Gauntlet Mini, it will take at least 15 days to finish if you have traded for at least 15 days. An essential thing to remember is that breaking the rules will prevent you from getting an offer until the program is reset.

  • Trade a minimum of 15 trading days
  • Do not reach or dip below the daily loss.
  • Do not exceed the maximum position size (progression ladder).
  • Keep your balance above or below the required minimum amount (EOD Drawdown)
  • Only trade during approved times.
  • Maintain consistency.

earn2trade the gauntlet mini rules

Trader Career Path

Their funded account challenge is less of a competition to find the best traders and more of a training ground for aspiring traders. Those interested in receiving training in professional trading are encouraged to enroll in the mentoring program. The Earn2Trade funded account, dubbed the “Trader Career Path,” has been praised for its ability to scale to meet the needs of traders of varying skill levels and experience levels. The rules are simple:

  • Trade at least 15 days
  • Only trade during approved times
  • Follow the progression ladder
  • Do not reach or dip below the daily loss
  • Do not reach or dip below the minimum account balance (EOD Drawdown)
  • Maintain consistency

Upon passing, the prop firms will contact you and ask whether you want a Live or LiveSim account. That decision is totally up to you. Now that you’ve met your profit goal, you may cash out and increase your account balance to $100,000. The moment you reach the $200,000 upgrade and meet the associated profit goal, they’ll make you a custom offer.

earn2trade trader career path rules

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The Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet Mini is an entry-level trading challenge designed for intraday traders. Successful participants will get funding and access to live markets after the 15-day challenge. There is no set deadline. The candidate’s membership to the Gauntlet Mini will remain active until he or she either completes the challenges or cancels them. Please be aware that paying a monthly fee does not reset your account. If you are unsuccessful on the Gauntlet Mini, you will need to pay to try again.

Because the test entails crash training for beginners, taking the Gauntlet Mini is something that even inexperienced traders may do. Earn2Trade’s Gauntlet Mini, like many of the funded account challenges, provides traders with the opportunity to reflect on their past results using advanced logs and trading data.

The competition may be tailored to each participant’s tastes. Traders who join up for the Gauntlet Mini will be asked to choose an initial account balance between $25,000 and $150,000. Regardless of account size, the applicant is then challenged to show that they can regularly turn a profit over a trading period of at least 15 days. Each account’s terms will be customized to its initial deposit amount.

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earn2trade the gauntlet mini why choose

Trader Career Path

The Trader Career Path funding program has a growth strategy and is there for you from the beginning to the end. The course equips you with the tools necessary to succeed in the futures markets.

Trading skills, risk management, and self-discipline are all put to the test in this examination, which begins with either a $25,000 virtual account or a $50,000 virtual account. With a $50,000 account, your profit target is 6%, your End of Day drawdown is 4%, your daily loss limit is 2.2%, and you can only have 6 contracts open at any given time. All of this comes with a monthly membership that costs $152.

Upon finishing the test, the trader will join a prop trading firm, obtain a trading account and then build that account by reaching fixed objectives.

earn2trade trader career path scaling

In Conclusion

Earn2Trade has an excellent reputation in the industry. This ensures that they are a reliable prop trading option for traders. If you make the time to read and absorb everything, their training materials and documentation will be useful. You simply cannot go wrong with them if you want to be a successful futures trader.

There are advantages to each available trading program, and it’s fantastic that traders may choose the one that best suits their requirements and trading style.

They have an interesting program for growth capital and allow traders to move up the ladder. The Earn2Trade challenges already have a built-in educational component, and the beginner’s course and journaling elements might be very helpful supplements to that component.

Earn2Trade Discount

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