Blue Guardian Capital introduce their Prop Firm Evaluation programs to fund traders in June 2021.

  • Allows merging of accounts
  • EAs and copy trading allowed
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • High 1:100 leverage
  • Must make 12% within 4 months period to have 30% scaling
  • The majority of you profit target cannot be made on a single trade
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Blue Guarding Capital Review

Blue Guardian Capital is comparable to many other prop firms. Before you can get funding, you must first pass their challenge. They want to ensure that you are a consistently profitable trader. By completing these challenges, you demonstrate that you are a disciplined and skilled trader who deserves funding.

About Blue Guardian Capital

Blue Guardian Capital was founded in 2019 with the intention of being a Forex Signal provider as well as an educational organization. They chose to rebrand and introduce their Prop Firm Evaluation programs to fund traders in June 2021. They provide up to $1,800,000 in funding with an 85% profit share. As their broker, they work with Purple Trading Seychelles. 

Blue Guardian Capital offers a similar challenge profit target of 6% as The 5%ers. Nevertheless, their daily drawdown is just 4%, which is a more conservative estimate than most other firms. To participate in their scaling program, merely generate a 12 percent profit in 4 months, and they will increase your capital by 30%. They will continue to do so until your account reaches a maximum of $1.8 million. There are other prop firms that offer better scaling with a shorter target. 

Funding Program Options

The steps to get funding is very straightforward. Just register for one of their evaluations and instantly receive credentials and access the trading dashboard. Begin your evaluation by trading and adhering to the targets displayed on your dashboard. After passing your evaluation, you will receive your funded account and, if lucrative, monthly payouts.

You can have more than 1 account. So you are allowed to have 3 accounts of $200,000 and merge them together into 1 $600,000 account.

If you trade responsibly and consistently, you can earn up to 85% of the profit split. If your trading account is profitable month after month, they will scale it according to their scaling plan, which is traders will be rewarded with a 30% capital rise. Simply produce a 12% profit every four months, and they will increase your money up to $1,800,000.


Blue Guardian Capital provides four different account sizes to its traders. The fees to begin their challenge and get funding from them start at $189 for a $25,000 funded account. It goes as high as $897 for a $200,000 funded account. No matter what balance you choose, the leverage is all the same, 1:100. The profit target and the maximum loss are also all the same.

BlueGuardian pricing evaluation

Tradable Assets

Blue Guardian Capital enables you to trade Forex pairs at a leverage of 100:1, commodities at 20:1, indices at 50:1, and cryptocurrencies at 2:1.


Their rules are quite flexible. They permit the use of EAs, trade copiers, trading on news releases, and trading over the weekend. They also have no restrictions on lot size or martingale/hedging.

  BlueGuardian trading objectives


Like most prop firms, they have challenges that the user must apply for before they can get funding. The evaluation is a two-part process (Phase 1 & 2) in which you trade on a demo account on Metatrader 4, and you must meet the profit target without breaching any trading regulations in order to move on to the next level. The first step in the evaluation process is called Phase 1. You must succeed here in order to go to Phase 2. Demonstrate your trading abilities and discipline by adhering to the Trading Objectives during a 30-day trading term.

The second and last stage in becoming a funded trader is Phase 2. You will be evaluated during a 60-day trading term. You will become a funded trader with them after you pass this level and they confirm your results. Once this is done, you are then a funded trader with them.

BlueGuardian evaluation

In Conclusion

Ultimately, Blue Guardian Capital is a reputable prop firm providing global funding to traders after finishing the 2-phase challenge. They differ from the majority of industry-leading prop firms in that it has relaxed trading regulations with essentially no restrictions. I think they are one of the few prop firms that have no restrictions on lot size or martingale/hedging. 

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