MT5 Now Available at Willis Capital with 30% Discount

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Willis Capital has introduced MetaTrader 5 (MT5) as a trading platform option. To celebrate, they are offering a 30% discount on all accounts. Use the code WILLISCAPITALMT5 to take advantage of this offer today.

Overview of Willis Capital

How It Works: Willis Capital simplifies the path to profitability with a focus on fairness and skill recognition. Their funding is capped at $10,000,000 reserved for the most skilled traders. The enrollment model allows traders to join the SkillCheck program with a maximum of $50,000 in funding, and successful traders can access programs up to $250,000. Profitable traders can scale their funding up to $500,000.

Stages and Programs


  1. Enroll: Register for proprietary programs to prove trading expertise.
  2. SkillCheck: Meet targets through strong strategy and risk management.
  3. Live Funded: Engage in real market trading.
  4. Earn: Share profits and celebrate achievements.

Program Types:

  • Standard Trader (2-Phase):
    • Account sizes: $10,000, $25,000, $50,000
    • Profit split: 70/30
    • Minimum trading days: 5
    • Leverage: 1:100
    • Daily drawdown: None for Process, 5% for Authentication, 5% for Live
    • Max drawdown: 5% for Process, 10% for Authentication and Live
    • Time limit: Infinite
    • Features: EAs, weekend holding, news trading allowed
  • Expedited Trader (1-Phase):
    • Details are similar to Standard Trader but only need to pass 1-phase.

Payout System

  • Refundable Fee: Enrollment fee reimbursable upon securing funding.
  • Performance Fee: 70% profit share, with monthly first withdrawal and bi-weekly subsequent withdrawals.
  • Administrative Fee: Traders are entitled to get 30% of the enrollment fee monthly, subject to specific criteria.

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