CK Capital Launches New Prop Trading Firm

CK Capital has officially launched, offering a new proprietary trading firm for aspiring traders. The firm provides a structured evaluation program designed to help traders demonstrate their skills and secure funding.

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Key Features:

  • Evaluation Phases: CK Capital’s evaluation consists of multiple phases, including a challenge phase, a verification phase, and a live funding phase.
  • Profit Split: Traders can earn a 100% profit split on their first payout (up to 10% of the initial account) and 80% thereafter.
  • Funding: Traders can get funded up to $200,000 upon successful completion of the evaluation stages.

Evaluation Phases

In the Phase 1 Challenge, traders use a demo account on the CTrader platform with access to all instruments. The maximum trading period is unlimited, and traders must trade for a minimum of one day. The evaluation requires a profit target of 10%, with a maximum daily loss set at 4% and an overall loss cap at 8%. Leverage is available at Forex 1:50, Indices 1:10, and Commodities 1:20. Overnight and weekend trading are allowed, but news event trading is restricted to 8 minutes before and after the event.

Phase 2 Verification also uses a demo account on CTrader with the same instrument availability and leverage conditions. The rules mirror Phase 1, with the primary difference being a reduced profit target of 5%. This phase also mandates a minimum of one trading day and allows for unlimited trading periods, overnight, and weekend trading under the same restrictions for news events.

In Phase 3 Live Funding, traders transition to a live-sim account, maintaining access to all instruments via CTrader. The trading period is set at a minimum of one day, provided the trader achieves at least $150 profit. The profit target is removed in this phase, focusing instead on consistency with a 4% daily loss limit and an 8% maximum loss. Payouts are scheduled 30 calendar days from the first trade and 14 days after the last. Traders benefit from the same leverage as in the earlier phases, with restrictions on news event trading remaining in place. The profit split is 100% on the first payout (up to 10% of the initial account), followed by an 80% split thereafter.

About CK Capital

CK Capital is a community of traders dedicated to self-improvement and professional growth. The firm offers an evaluation program that uses simulated trading capital, allowing traders to demonstrate their skills and become consistently profitable. Founded by Daniel Cheung, an experienced seven-figure trader, CK Capital aims to create opportunities for traders to excel in various financial markets.

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