Expert advisers are a common tool among traders who wish to minimize the influence that their own emotions has on their trading. Prop traders employ this strategy rather frequently since it is one of the most effective trading strategies. On this page, we will discuss what an EA is and why the Funded Trading EA is the best EA that is freely available to everyone.

What is EA (Expert Advisor)?

EA is an automated trading system that employs computer software to carry out a set of instructions to make a trade. The computer program will automatically monitor the asset price and make buy and sell orders once the predetermined conditions have been met. The trader is no longer required to input orders by hand or to monitor real-time graphs and pricing. This is done automatically by the algorithm, which correctly detects the trading opportunity.

Why you should use Funded Trading’s EA?

Funded Trading EA is sponsored by the developer of the leading robo trading software, They provide individualized, custom-made trading strategies for traders of all experience levels. Their team of experts has put a lot of effort into creating a solution that will assist you in making money while minimizing risk.

How does it work?

When you use this expert advisor, you will receive alerts based on charts that have undergone technical analysis to reveal patterns in market price movements over time. These signals are produced by an algorithm that makes use of historical data from forex currency markets to accurately forecast future price movements. This allows traders to make well-informed decisions about when to buy or sell specific assets at the best prices during volatile times for maximum profit margins without having to risk any of their own capital.

What are the best prop firms to use the Funded Trading EA?

Not all prop firms permit the usage of EAs, but the majority do. The FundYourFX, FTMO, and MyForexFunds are the three prop firms that allow the usage of EAs. The majority of prop firms that support EAs have relatively similar rules where indicators and EAs are permitted. We will list some of the prop firms where you are able to utilize the Funded Trading EA.


FundYourFX has very flexible trading rules. You can hold trades overnight and on weekends, you can trade news, and hedge positions. Ultimately, they provide their traders more flexibility, allowing them to trade at any time of day using any trading strategy or trading style. As long as you follow the rules, you may use any type of EA without running into any issues. Due to its emphasis on forex trading, the Funded Trading EA will excel thanks to FundYourFX 1:100 leverage and adaptable trading rules. You’ll be making profits sooner than later. 

But, FTMO and MyForexFunds also offer 1:100 forex leverage. So why is FundYourFX at the top? This is due to the criteria, which you must observe in FTMO and MyForexFunds, which we will get into later.


Similar to FundYourFX, you have total control over your trading strategy. They will not limit or restrict your trading strategy, including algorithmic trading, EAs, hedging, discretionary trading, etc, as long as you stick to the rules. However, you have to keep in mind that if you use an EA from a third party, other traders may be utilizing the exact same EA and strategy as you are. So if you do use a third-party EA and go above the maximum capital allocation limit, you can run the risk of having your FTMO account denied.

As long as you are aware, you may utilize Funded Trading EA to both trade and aid in completing the renowned FTMO challenge. You don’t need to worry about failing prop firm challenge anymore. 

A team of experienced traders was responsible for developing this piece of software. The simplicity with which it may be installed is without a doubt the selling point of this trading program. Before you can start getting market signals, all that is required of you is to download the program, install, and run it on your computer. Not only is it compatible with FTMO, but it is also compatible with any other prop firm.


The Funded Trading EA is useful not just for the FTMO challenge but also for the MyForexFunds challenge. You should know that EAs are only allowed in MFF Accelerated accounts. You can use the EA on their Rapid accounts, but before using the Funded Trading EA on your account, you must submit it for approval to It does take extra steps in MFF to use EA and is not as simple as FundYourFX or FTMO. Once the EA is running, you should not have a problem passing their challenge.

In conclusion

When using Funded Trading EA, all of the emotions that traders feel and react to during trading are completely removed, making it one of the most important tools for assisting you in passing the challenges presented by the prop firms. In addition to that, the signals that are offered by the bot will make it easy for you to pass the challenges.



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