SurgeTrader is founded in May 2021 by seasoned forex trading veterans, including brokers and venture capitalists.

  • A lot of crypto assets to trade from
  • News trading allowed
  • You can hold trader overnight
  • Customized add-ons
  • Discretionary trading, hedging, and algorithmic trading allowed
  • No weekend holding
  • 4% max daily drawdown
  • 5% max trailing drawdown
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SurgeTrader Review

A trader with skills only needs capital and a chance to succeed. SurgeTrader, like other prop firms, tries to speed up traders’ funding and help successful traders make the most of their expertise. They have only been around since last year but are starting to gain popularity. 

This is an updated version of our previous review of SurgeTrader. They have a brand new website design and also a new add-on feature in their funded trader programs. If you’re interested in learning more about them, continue reading. Also, don’t forget that we have a discount code of 10% waiting for you at the end of this article.

About SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader is a prop trading firm owned by Surge Capital Ventures, LLC. It is still very young, having been founded in May 2021 by seasoned forex trading veterans, including brokers and venture capitalists. They are proud to be a part of the Valo Holdings Group family of companies. The company is based in the U.S. with its headquarters located at 405 5th Ave South, Naples, Florida.

surgetrader about

Funding Program Options

SurgeTrader provides six distinct funding programs with six distinct funding accounts. The capital ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000.

The programs are:

All the programs have the same 75% profit share, 10% profit target, a daily loss limit of 4%, and a maximum trailing drawdown of 5%.

  1. Starter with $25,000 funding that costs $250
  2. Intermediate with $50,000 funding that cost $400
  3. Seasoned with $100,000 funding that cost $700
  4. Advanced with $250,000 funding that cost $1,800
  5. Expert with $500,000 funding that cost $3,500
  6. Master with $1,000,000 funding that cost $6,500

To become a funded trader, you just need to identify the suitable program for you and complete the SurgeTrader challenge, which is an examination of your trading abilities, risk management, and profitability. They’ll then put you up with a funded account if you pass the audition.

surgetrader pricing


The fees for the SurgeTrader challenge cost more than some other prop firms. Their cheapest option is the starter program which costs $250 for a $25,000 account. But if you are looking for huge funding but don’t want to waste time scaling the account, you can join their $1,000,000 funding that costs $6,500. It’s worth noting that the scaling plan is only available for accounts up to $250K in size. If you purchase a $25,000 account, you can scale it only up to $250,000. Anything higher than that you would need to purchase the $500,000 or $1,000,000 account.

Add-ons are a brand new addition to their program. This was not available the last time we reviewed them. You may pay extra for features like “No Stop Loss”, “Double Leverage (20:1)”, and “90% Payout”, in addition to the standard price. If you are interested in the extras, we have the prices for you. As you can see from the images, “No Stop Loss” costs an extra 10% of the fee. “Double Leverage” adds 25% of the fee.“90% Payout” is an added 20% of the fee. Lastly, there is a Bundle Pack that includes all three Add-ons at 40% off the fee. Of course, the price is cheaper if compared to purchasing the Add-ons individually. You can also choose between using MT4 from EightCap, MT5 from EightCap, or TradingView from Eightcap.

Or you can get all 3 add-ons as a bundle and it only add 40% to the price.  This way you are saving 27% rather than add each one later.

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Tradable Assets

When using SurgeTrader, you may trade a wide variety of instruments. Forex, oil, metals, indices, crypto, and around 90 of the most prominent stocks are all available for trading with MetaTrader 4. Forex, oil, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency, and around 250 of the most actively traded stocks are all available on MetaTrader 5. You may find the whole list in the linked file below.

MetaTrader 4 Tradeable Assets

MetaTrader 5 Tradeable Assets

surgetrader tradeable instruments


The rules are quite relaxed. SurgeTrader may be used with any strategy involving discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading, or anything else. There are three rules that apply to all of their programs:

  • Every trade needs a stop-loss.
  • All positions must be closed by 3:55 p.m. on Friday, Eastern Standard Time.
  • The maximum amount of open lots a trader may have is 1/10000 of their account balance.

You may get rid of the stop loss if you want to. It is an add-on that is available for an extra 10% cost of the fee.

surgetrader rules

SurgeTrader features two categories of rule breaches: hard breaches and soft breaches. 

A hard breach occurs when the daily or maximum drawdown is exceeded. A soft breach happens when a trader, for example, does not liquidate positions by Friday’s market close or places a transaction without a stop-loss. This is only considered a soft breach, which means that even though you broke the rule, you may continue trading, and if you hit your 10% profit objective (without exceeding your daily or maximum loss limitations), you will be upgraded to a live paid account.

Account access will be revoked during the SurgeTrader Audition if a hard breach occurs. If a funded trader violates the trading rules, trader account access will be revoked. The trader’s gains will be distributed at that time.


SurgeTrader operates in the same way as the vast majority of the top prop trading firms. To become a funded trader, you must first complete the challenge in order to establish your abilities and discipline as a qualified and profitable trader.

You just need to choose which funded program you are looking for and complete their challenge. The challenge is pretty straightforward. Compared to other prop firms that require 2 phases, SurgeTrader just consists of only one phase with a profit target of 10%. All you have to do is earn more than 10% of your total account balance. It has no minimum trading days and no evaluation period of 30 days. But just remember that the maximum daily drawdown of 4% and the trailing drawdown of 5%.

Regarding the daily drawdown, your daily loss cannot be more than 4% of your account’s equity. For example, if you have $100,000 in your account, your daily loss limit would be $4,000. If, however, you were to make a profit of $10,000, your daily loss limit would increase to $4,400 (4% of $110,000).

SurgeTrader starter rules

In Conclusion

SurgeTrader provides access to a relatively wide number of financial instruments. You will, for example, be able to trade over 200 different cryptocurrencies. This is far more than most prop firms, which typically only trade on the top ten cryptocurrencies. So, if you are a cryptocurrency trader, this may be a good prop firm for you. However, their drawdowns are quite low. And the 4% daily drawdown and 5% max drawdown are hard breaches. That means if you hit that, then your account is disqualified. Regarding withdrawals, profits can be taken out of SurgeTraders’ accounts at any time, but only once every 30 days. 

We like the newest addition of add-ons to their programs. Paying for no-stop loss or double leverage would be helpful in the challenge because it would be applied to your trader challenge But it might not make sense to pay for a 90% payout if you have to pass the challenge first. If you fail, your 90% add-on fee will be meaningless. If you think you’re excellent at trading, it might be worth it. 90% of the profit is a lot of money if you are confident you can pass the challenge and trade with them long term.

If you wish to trade on an account with a larger balance, you may try out for another SurgeTrader Audition.  A trader can only have one account for each audition tier, though. Each account is different, and each one begins with an audition. So, if you have a $100,000 account and want to trade more, you can apply for a $50,000 account by taking a $50,000 SurgeTrader Audition. However, the same trading technique cannot be used for all of these accounts because they want to reduce their overall risk and exposure.

If you do feel their programs are perfect for you, you don’t have to worry about payouts because they are a reputable prop firm. In the trader dashboard, you can request a withdrawal of profits at any time, but you can only do so once every 30 days. So, even if you generate profits on your live account on the first day, you can ask for the profit to be withdrawn. Additionally, you have the option to let profits compound in the account so that you may grow your account.


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