How We Test

How We Test


Our objective at Funded-Trading is to give comprehensive, unbiased, and trustworthy reviews of prop firms. We weigh these characteristics based on our financial experience as well as searching the internet for consumer opinions on each prop firm we evaluate. We aim to ensure that our readers receive objective and accurate information. We routinely fact-check and examine our reviews, and articles to ensure that our readers are getting the most up-to-date information.


Our process begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of a prop firm’s products and services. We examine the prop firm’s website and analyze all accessible information across a variety of mediums. We understand that trust is important when dealing with prop firms. You want to know that your money is safe. That is why we look for reviews in Trustindex, TrustPilot, and also reviews in Google, to make sure that these prop firms are reliable and trustworthy. After we have analyzed all of the data, we produce a review and assign scores to these prop firms.


What determines the ratings?


Funding Program Options

How much funding does the prop firm offer and if there is a scaling program available? Is it instant funding or does it require evaluation? How difficult or easy it is to get funding from the prop firm?



How much does it cost to join the prop firm? Are there hidden fees, one-time fees, or is it a monthly fee? And also how the price compares to other prop firms offering similar funding amounts.


Tradable Assets

What assets are available to trade and their leverage?



What are the rules and regulations of the prop firm? Are the rules flexible, giving traders the freedom to trade, or do they have too many restrictions?



What kind of challenge does the prop firm offer? How difficult it is and how long does it take to be able to pass the challenge.



Does it support just 1 platform like MetaTrader 4 only, or does it support more than one? 


Deposit/Withdrawal Method

What payment and withdrawal methods are available? How easy is it to withdraw or deposit funds to the prop firms?