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Funded-Trading is a new, independent prop firm review and blog site. We provide up-to-date reviews and offer visitors insight into every element of prop trading. We have reviews of reputable prop firms to help traders make informed decisions. Our blog contains articles on anything from how to get started with prop trading, to choosing the best prop firm.


We are very passionate about the finance industry and especially proprietary trading. Our mission is to make it easier for you to start your prop trading journey by offering helpful blog articles and prop firm reviews. Prop trading has become extremely popular, but there are bad actors that just want to scam traders. They are ruining it for others in the industry. Serving our readers is our highest priority, so we created articles and reviews to help traders who want to get into prop trading. By doing our part in researching prop firms, we want to keep the prop trading industry a safe place for future traders.


We have referrals with some of the prop firms that we mention in our reviews. That means we may earn a commission if you register an account and trade with one of the firms listed on our pages. For us, it ensures that we can continue to give our readers thorough, up-to-date, and accurate reviews that are free to use.


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